2013 - Innovation: World’s first On-line Safety Program
Buck Peavey invents and markets the World’s first fully automated, online Safety Program software. The product is aimed at eventually making manually administered safety programs extinct. The product introduces a fully electronic incentive point gamification piece. It delivers Scratch off gamecards electronically. The gamecard points are awarded and traded between employees online. Until this point, large employers had to depend upon their mid-level management employees to administrate performance measurement, the organization of data and the rewarding elements of safety programs. The new Safety Jackpot On-line system quickly made it’s impact. Tyson Foods Inc. reported that their internal safety program administration time was reduced by over 95% while the program lowered their accident claims by over 68% in 12 months. More than just an incentive program, the software also delivers, tracks, organizes and rewards employee safety suggestions and accident near miss reports.