2015 - Innovation: Nation's first "School Lockdown" Products
Doug Peavey develops and launches nation's first "School Lockdown" products company - Lynn Peavey Defense. With School and church shootings alarmingly frequent, many companies entered the School security market with their individual products. The Lynn Peavey Company with it's strong brand in the Law Enforcement and forensics markets, assembled a one source catalog of high quality items aimed at defending and protecting schools from potential shooters. The product line varies from non-lethal self defense products (Tasers for teachers), to a variety of classroom door lockdown devices. Barracuda, U-Lockit, Nightlock, DoorJammer and Bearacade intruder defense systems allow teachers to turn their classroom doors into steel barricaded vault doors within seconds. Peavey is currently working on a patent for a bulletproof door securing rope device that can be purchased for under $20. A market first.