2015 - Innovation: Nation's first Hotel Staff Performance/Incentive
Buck Peavey creates and launches the nation's first online Hotel staff performance / incentive company. Hotel chain owners, management companies, and GM's have long been frustrated at their uncontrollable accident and work comp costs. Even more frustration comes from losing money to high hotel staff turn-over and tough recruitment of employees. Peavey spent several decades helping major hotels across the globe lower their staff accidents and work comp costs with their Safety Jackpot product. Using the same proven gamification and incentive platform… Hotel Jackpot Inc. markets Hotel Jackpot: an all encompassing Hotel staff performance program. The online program not only rewards for staff safety accomplishment… But also trains and rewards for attendance, "peer to peer" and "guest to staff" recognition for high service, improvement in hotel sales, and staff retention and recruitment. The system integrates hotel staff video training and rewards individuals that retain the information. Dangling carrots such as exotic vacations, brand name merchandise catalogs, and national grand prizes of up to One Million Dollars drives attention and boosts morale of Hotel staff.